Sales is a position of social responsibility in which the seller assumes the non-negligible task of informing the client about all the aspects related to a product, so that the buyer can freely complete the purchase and make the most of their funds. However, not everyone or all the companies help one buy. Some take advantage of the poor image of money, trivialize having taken a couple more dollars. What if instead of “cold” and “dirty” money they acknowledged that they are stealing energy by charging more? Would it be clear that you are doing me harm by making me pay more for something I shouldn’t?

The story of the cloth wallet.

On December 2012, leaving an Apple store in New York, my husband and I heard an elderly woman speaking to a sales associate with the difficulty of someone that doesn’t speak English daily. The woman tried to understand if the $20 headphones that she grabbed from a basket nearby would work to listen to music on an “i-fon”.

The associate answered rudely in Spanish: “these are the headphones that come with the iPhone, ma’am.”

After thinking on it for a moment, the woman trembling took out from her purse the most humble rag cloth wallet that you’ve ever seen in your life, a $20 bill. It was clear that with that gesture the women was acquiring something that she didn’t understand – that would not be for her – and that the purchase meant an important expense. Maybe a grandchild had asked for it? Only a couple of coins remained after taking out the bill.

I wanted to help her. I would have liked to approach her and tell her: “ma’am, those headphones can be purchased much cheaper on the Internet. Don’t waste your money that has cost you so much to earn.” But I didn’t dare. Perhaps the woman didn’t have access to the web and my intention also wasn’t’ to offend or suck the joy from what obviously a gift.

I felt RAGE. I couldn’t stand for that small woman to waste her money and pay for something that she could easily find for at least half the price online. My heart broke at the thought of the effort that $10 more meant for her. And I got mad to the point that tears fell from my eyes as I left the store. The feelings of frustration and sadness that situation caused lasted for several days and even today – as I think back on it – it still makes me mad and makes me want to scream.

For weeks my husband and I couldn’t talk about anything else. We had to do something for people like that woman. We couldn’t allow for clients to be sold to and aren’t helped to buy considering that that we are the reason for companies being, especially for people that should watch their money even more. And for that small and humble working woman, perfect stranger, we knew we had to fight for a new business endeavor.

She is the reason for our existence. From her humble cloth wallet buyoo was born.

 When selling we should protect others’ money because it represents their energy.

Money is not bad, it’s something good, why is there an obsession with demonizing it? A bill or a coin are an accumulation of energy in paper or metal that simplifies it. Money is energy: result of our effort and time dedicated to the activities we do, the company we work for. It’s the compensated energy in a coin in exchange for work. As said by José María Arizmendiarrieta – founder of Mondragon Co-op, “work is the best way to show solidarity with others”. And I would add, as a reward of our solidarity, what better way to pay for your effort and energy than returning it so that you can employ it in relishing all of that you most enjoy with your loved ones? That is money. Not a vile or sinister thing that harms us.

This is why our wallet – be it cloth or the most expensive and sophisticated leather – contains our energy and our dreams to employ energy and taking money from others is not helping them to get rid of a vile thing that harms them: it means robbing energy. Taking away the opportunity to enjoy of good things that they would like to share with those they love.

The humble woman in New York wanted to gift a loved a pair of headphones and a fiend associate, taking advantage of her unfamiliarity, made her waste her energy acquiring an inadequate product with an inflated cost. It’s unjust that this woman would have to go back to work to earn the $10 that she overspent and had already earned.  Careless salesman. Why did you rob that small and humble woman her energy?

The world is full of people that don’t help us, especially in situations that imply a purchase and sale. There are heartless sales people that take advantage of our vulnerability and trust, and rob us of our money – therefore our energy. They excuse themselves saying that business is business, money is money and that everyone has to look out for their interest. However this is to excuse an inexcusable lack of scrupulous and try to convert our most valuable resources second to love and health – our energy – into something banal and worthless when it represents completely the contrary.


buyoo must help people buy.

Months later buyoo started to come to light. We needed to create a technology that would help people buy instead of selling anything. A web page that everyone could access and all could trust because they would know that it looks after their money. They can buy with all the information and the prices right in front with no pressure and fearlessly.

And help to buy, and not sell anything to anyone is the soul of the company that we are creating.

Since then we fight to return the purchasing power to the client or the consumer. Our objective is to put in their hands all the necessary information to know clearly where to buy for less, the final decision of whether to save or not on the transaction would be the clients. (Because each is free to choose how to employ his/her energy, right?)

In buyoo we like to help people buy. For us, the money of our clients is a very valuable resource and we want to help make the best possible use of it.

One, five or ten euros less, for that humble woman that originated our project, can mean a lot of effort and work. For her and for all that like her want to ration their money – or energy – in each of their wallets and employ it with intelligence, buyoo fights daily for them.